Icmake V 9.02.08

Frank B. Brokken (f.b.brokken@rug.nl)

Center for Information Technology, University of Groningen


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This is the main page of the Icmake project hosted at GitLab.com.

The project's repository can be reached at https://gitlab.com/fbb-git/icmake.

The five most recent releases are (to obtain, either check out a release by its tag or download a zip or tar-file from https://gitlab.com/fbb-git/icmake/tags or direct from its release page):

Additional information about icmake:

Enjoy Icmake !

NOTE (June 2018) The following projects are currently migrating from GitHub to GitLab. The repositories are already available at GitLab, the webpages, when not yet available, will soon follow.

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