3ppq V 1.05.01

Frank B. Brokken (f.b.brokken@rug.nl)

University of Groningen


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This is the main page of the 3ppq project hosted at GitLab.com.

The 3ppq project started early 2018 following an initiative of W.K.B. Hofstee.

The 3ppq project is realized in close cooperation with W.K.B. Hofstee, R.M. Mosterman, A.A. Jolijn Hendriks, and H.A.L. Kiers. The purpose of the project is to make available an on-line questionnaire for personality assessment based on three different perspectives: a person's self-perspective, a person's meta perspective, where he/she predicts how others will complete the questionnaire when rating him/her, and the other-perspective, where three others complete the questionnaire, rating the target person.

The questionnaire and its handling is (at version 1.05.01) only available in Dutch. The official 3ppq (Dutch) website is https://3ppq.nl.

The project's repository can be reached at https://gitlab.com/fbb-git/3ppq.

The most recent releases are (to obtain, either check out a release by its tag or download a zip or tar-file from https://gitlab.com/fbb-git/3ppq/tags or direct from its release page):

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